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Dirty Shary

The adventurous and crazy female private investigator, Dirty Shary from Retro Raw porn (Christy Canyon), looks into a case of white nasty slavery. So that you can solve this case, she need to infiltrate a RetroRaw bordello and pretend that she is a hooker, obviously not being able to say no to your customer, for the authenticity’s sake! Go ahead RetroRaw… Make her night! To continue our current habit to present you with some nice and great retro porn movies, today we have another one for you, and as we said, the title is Dirty Shary. And this movie has it’s share of action as well as fucking in some nice and sexy scenes that you will surely adore.

The movie follows around the cute babe Shary, and she happens to be a hard boiled detective used to deal with all kinds of situations. The sexy babe gets hired to stalk a man’s wife to see if she is unfaithful to him, and long story short she kind of falls for him. Well it turns out that the wife as getting some cock on the side as well, so after presenting the dude with the evidence, the cutie decided to make her move and have the guy for herself. Sit back and enjoy this superb movie filled with amazing and hot sex scenes with couples fucking hard style and enjoy it. We will be returning soon with some more fresh updates for you!

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